Transaction Execution


Since 1997 International Mergers & Acquisition has achieved worldwide recognition in the M&A industry. While concentrating on arranging mergers and acquisition, it has provided clients with comprehensive services in the areas of strategic planning and marketing, significantly increasing client company share prices and promoting their market shares. Our services have greatly benefited clients, whether or not they ended up selling their company.

In case the main goal is to buy company or even several related or distinct companies in Hungary, that is, to provide professional M&A services in both Hungary and neighboring countries of Central Eastern Europe there are many points to take into careful consideration. IM&A has been acting as an intermediary to research the market and to identify targets to the acquisition in Hungary. For the M&A Hungary business, it is absolutely crucial to have thorough and reliable business information, especially from a trusted M&A partner who is aware of the special market features and techniques that are characteristics of the country where the target company is situated. Buy a company in Hungary or in its neighbors may prove a complicated and risky business, and throughout the entire acquisition process, our consultants will give their support.

If you are considering to finding a partner that may be willing to buy your company in Hungary, you are also in need of serious and valuable advice as well as assistance in negotiations. Our specialized consultants will guide clients through the phases of company marketing processes, avoiding any usual pitfalls. Proper presentation will allow clients to show each functional department in the most favorable fashion. Successful M&A Hungary operations are based on such techniques.

Buy company in Hungary rarely means a mere investment, many times there are important phases of revision of processes, optimizing the functioning of the business, closing down operations or introducing new ones. Rationalization is an important aspect of taking over a company someone buys. Many times the reason for the acquisition in Hungary is buying market share, in other cases, capacity or skilled workforce, know-how, etc. In any case, the new company that the investor buys needs to be properly linked with existing operations, often with significant geographical or cultural distance between the buyer and the M&A target. For all of these situations, which are very common in fact, an M&A Hungary consultancy with sufficient knowledge and experience are well recommended.

International Mergers & Acquisition applies company marketing procedures that have proved to be successful benefiting both buyers and sellers. Using this proprietary system, the process is broken down into distinct steps, which result in a transparent and marketable organization, enabling the company to achieve the optimal selling price. Prospective buyers have certain key factors to take into account, and if their demand of information is met with transparent and clear answers from a well prepared seller (the owners of the company), the deal gets closer to be concluded and the M&A operation to be realized.

Because of the fact, that IM&A has experience both when the clients are intend to sell and determine to buy company in Hungary, International Mergers & Acquisition is at the best position to offer services of unquestionable value for companies interested in taking action any kind of role in the M&A sector.